The Glen at Hiland Meadows Testimonials

You said we’d love this place, and of course we do! The services are wonderful, the food divine, and we are so glad to be here.   Helen & Bob

Just a note to thank you for leading a staff of such thoughtful and caring professionals … our family and friends were greatly impressed by what a great place we have to live in.
Bob & Phyllis

There has not been a day that I haven’t been happy. I feel that this is my family; everybody here is someone I can rely on and that’s important. I have friends that are living in their own homes, who have lost their old friends and they have not made new friends because they have no association, no way to associate. Thank you very much!

I have found that this is the perfect home for me. I couldn’t be happier. Living here gives me and my children peace of mind. What could be better?
Dr. F.

We came here two weeks after opening … we loved it then and we still love it! Our children wanted us to go near them and we looked at places near our children but we came back here and liked this best of all. We’ve never been sorry, one bit!
D. and A.