The Terrace at Beverwyck Testimonials

I have been meaning to call you to thank you for all the support you provided to me and my family while we were trying to get my mom to move into The Terrace. It was enormously helpful and kept me going when it was so difficult and exhausting … my mom has made the transition nicely. I believe she really is happy there and has made some lovely friends. I can rest assured that she is safe, healthy and enjoying this stage of her life.
I love the staff … they are just tremendous and it is clear this is not just a job for them.
Thanks again for all your assistance.
Temi B.

I want, again, to thank you and Melissa for believing in my Mom’s ability to recover, and for doing so much to make her post-rehab return to The Terrace successful. Our mother is a strong woman, but we recognize at age 95, anything can happen at any time. It is gratifying to know The Terrace supports the concept of remaining at the highest level of functioning as long as possible. Nothing
can replace continuity of staff, and you have retained excellent, dedicated people at The Terrace.
With deep appreciation,
Leslie B.

I just can’t tell you how pleased my whole family is with having dad at The Terrace. The staff is fantastic. He looks wonderful, loves the food, loves the staff, loves the programs, we couldn’t be happier. This place is the best!
Jan H.

Good Morning Debbie:
Many thanks for arranging for us to have dinner with my Dad at The Terrace last Wednesday! We had a fabulous dinner and it was especially nice to be in the private dining room …. it was most pleasant and greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
All the best,