Choosing Senior Living for Your Loved One

It is not uncommon for seniors to be resistant to the idea of leaving the home where they have lived for years to move into a senior living community. Many seniors often feel as though they will be giving up their independence or that moving into a senior community will mean sacrificing their quality of life. Oftentimes, children or loved ones of seniors may not be fully aware of the various signs that could indicate their senior loved one needs help. Because the possibility of a health crisis in the elderly increases with age, it is important for seniors and their loved ones to discuss the possibility of moving into senior living sooner, rather than later.

Eddy Senior Living, A Trusted Resource

As the child or loved one of a senior, it is often difficult to know how to navigate the process of moving a parent into an independent living or assisted living/enriched housing community. At Eddy Senior Living, we understand that you have many options when searching for senior care for your parents or a senior loved one.  While the process can seem overwhelming and challenging for those involved, our Senior Living Specialists are here to help guide you and provide support throughout the entire process.

With a variety of senior living options available at our different communities including independent living, assisted living/enriched housing and memory care, Eddy Senior Living empowers seniors to live the life they love with added freedom, choices, and confidence. Through our affiliation with St. Peter’s Health Partners, we are able to provide a wide network of professional services and care options.

Choosing Eddy Senior Living means that residents and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a full range of services are provided by The Eddy and St. Peter’s Health Partners. Should health needs change, seniors and their loved ones can rest assured that the Eddy is a comprehensive continuum of healthcare, supportive housing and community services. We have the expertise and services that can allow our residents to stay with a system they know and one that knows them, too.

For more information and to speak with a Senior Living Specialist, contact us today by phone at (518) 280-8385 or complete our quick and easy contact form.