Now is the Ideal Time to Sell Your Home and Move to Senior Living

One of the top reasons that seniors delay a move to senior living is concern about cost, coupled with the reluctance to sell their home. Of course, many seniors also reason that they’re simply not ready for senior living. They’re still in good health and can take care of themselves, so they don’t need senior…
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5 Safety Concerns for Seniors Living Alone

As Seniors age, safety concerns increase. A Senior Living Community addresses the safety risks older adults encounter when living independently. Top Safety Concerns for Seniors There is a common misconception that moving into a senior living community means losing your independence. Many aging seniors – or family members- may think that remaining in their house…
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The Difference Between Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s

When a loved one experiences memory loss, we immediately fear permanence. We dread a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, when in fact there are multiple forms of reversible memory loss. Does Memory Loss Always Mean Alzheimer’s? When someone you love begins to forget small things, mix up words, or struggle with…
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