Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

What is Independent Living?
Independent Living is a great senior living option for those who want to enjoy their lifestyle and independence without having to be concerned with safety, security, or home maintenance. Independent Living gives residents the opportunity to spend time doing what they enjoy without having to take time to do many of the things that living in a house requires. Living at our communities means activities, amenities, dining, and friends and neighbors- a true community and support system- right outside your door along with all the comforts of your home. With higher levels of care available, living at Eddy Senior Living communities also means reassurance in a plan for the future in the event that your needs or desires change.

Do you offer only Independent Living?
Each of the Eddy Senior Living Community campuses has a continuum of care offering Independent Living and Enriched Housing/Assisted Living. Some campuses also have Memory Care and/or Skilled Nursing. See Our Communities »

Do the Independent Eddy Senior Living Communities have a “Buy In” or Entrance Fee?
As common with many not-for-profit senior independent living communities, the leasing of units utilizes a Refundable Entrance Fee paired with a Monthly Service Fee.

I still enjoy cooking. Will I still be able to cook and bake in my apartment?
Yes! Independent Living apartments and cottages have a fully equipped kitchen. Many of our residents enjoy making their own meals, some from cherished family recipes.

What is your meal program like?
Dining Services offers a variety of meal choices, and what is included with your Monthly Service Fee varies from community to community. The dining choices available at each of our Communities allow residents the option to engage socially with others and enjoy Chef-prepared fine and casual dining venues.

Do I have to eat dinner every night in the dining room?
No. The choices are yours! You may choose to eat in the Dining Room, you might decide to dine out off-campus, or you can cook in your fully equipped kitchen.

My family worries about me living alone and would like to know that I am safe. Can you tell me about the security on the campuses?
At each Eddy Community, it is a priority to provide safety and security for our residents at all times. Our security staff is on duty 24 hours a day. Daily, non-intrusive, safety checks help ensure that our residents are doing well and have help available should they need it. All of our residences are equipped with safety features that give you and your family added peace-of-mind.

Not maintaining a house anymore is important to us. Can you tell us about the maintenance services at the community?
Each Eddy Senior Living Community has a full service maintenance staff. Should any Community-owned property, including appliances in your apartment, need repair, maintenance, or replacement, simply contact maintenance. In addition, our maintenance staff clears snow from parking lots, sidewalks, and your vehicles. They also help hang pictures and shelving, and can assemble things like bookcases and TV stands.

We are looking forward to being active and involved. What kinds of things are going on at the Eddy Communities?
There are a number of ways for residents to stay active and engage with others. You can take an exercise class, join a committee, attend a musical engagement or presentation. Our residents enjoy getting together to play games, have discussions, paint, write and play music, sew/knit or make crafts, walk, or attend a cooking demonstration. Each community has a social calendar that is as diverse as each community and includes a combination of stimulating and engaging opportunities for residents.

I’m nervous about how I will meet others and make new friends. What do the Communities do to help with new Residents transition?
New residents are welcomed to their new Community in a number of ways. Through staff orientations, resident welcoming committees, community relations, and social opportunities, our goal is to make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home.

What happens if my health changes and I need more help?
Our staff is here to help identify and coordinate additional services options. If a Resident has a health challenge, many options are available. Each of the Eddy Communities has Enriched Housing or Assisted Living on the same campus in the event that you do determine your needs would be best accommodated with additional assistance.

Do Residents have priority when it comes time to move to a higher level of care?
Absolutely. All campus residents have preferred positioning when the time comes for more care. Residents have the ability to stay within a system they know and one that knows them.

As Eddy Communities are a part of St. Peter’s Health Partner’s, does that mean that I can only use hospitals or doctors that are part of St. Peter’s Health Partners?
No. You may continue to use the doctors and the hospital of your choice.

Do you offer an Exercise Program?
We have a comprehensive wellness program called “EmpowerU” that is directed by certified instructors at each community. This program focuses on the wellbeing of your mind, body & spirit. The EmpowerU offerings are each as diverse as the communities themselves! In addition, each community has fully equipped facilities for you to use on your own or during an organized class.

Is there anyone available to show me how to use the exercise equipment in the gym?
Yes, staff will meet with you privately to orient you to the equipment.

May I pick my own color paint and carpet for my cottage/apartment?
Yes! Many of our communities’ apartments and cottages have been newly-renovated, and there are many units that are/will be undergoing renovations. Depending on the residence that you select, you might love it exactly how it is or, you may be able to opt for finishes of your choosing. Whichever apartment or cottage you select, you have the opportunity to select paint colors if you prefer something different.

Do I bring my own furniture when I move to an Eddy Senior Living Community?
Absolutely! You furnish your apartment or cottage with your own furniture, décor, artwork, and collectibles. You get to decorate your new home however you would like!

How can I ensure that I am comfortable in my home during the winter or on hot summer days?
Very easily- residents control the temperature, both heating and cooling, individually in their own apartment or cottage.

Do you have a nurse or doctor on premises?
Eddy Senior Living Independent Living Communities do not offer the services of a nurse or doctor, as we are not a health care facility. However, if you have a medical emergency, each residence is equipped with emergency features such as pull cords and daily checks that help ensure you are tended to as quickly as possible by outside emergency response professionals.

Are Eddy Senior Living Communities pet friendly?
Yes. Independent Living at all Eddy Senior Living Communities welcomes your well-behaved cat or dog to live with you, subject to the Executive Director’s approval.

Do you provide transportation to Doctors Appointments?
Yes. Our transportation program views medical appointments as a priority in maintaining your good health. Each community also provides transportation to other places, and scheduled outings are a regularly-occurring activity on each community’s social calendar.

Do you allow smoking on campus?
In the best interest of the health and wellbeing of our residents and our staff, all Eddy Senior Living Communities are tobacco and smoke free campuses. No smoking is allowed on any of our campuses.

Do you allow tipping for staff?
At our communities, we promote a resident focused culture with a concentration on providing the highest quality service, in all areas, to all our residents. To ensure staff members are aligned with the culture, mission and vision, the only compensation allowed are those approved through payroll. All other forms of compensation, either cash or gifts of any kind, from residents or their families, are not allowed.

Why don’t you list prices on your website?
At most communities, there are multiple financial options that can seem complex. Because each community does have various floorplans, pricing options, and refund options, pricing is best explained by one of our experienced Senior Living Specialists.

Do you have a waiting list?
Some of the Independent Living apartment and cottage options at our communities are unavailable as our communities do consistently stay relatively full. If you are most interested in an apartment or cottage style that is currently unavailable at a community, our Senior Living Specialists will help determine whether there is an available apartment style that might suit your needs and wants, or if signing up for the wait list for that particular unit style is the better option for you.