The Terrace at The Glen Testimonials

You are the most impressive team of caregivers I have ever had the privilege of witnessing in action. Your kindness and compassion toward your residents and their family members is the epitome of what we all hope for in the care of the elderly. Your attention to detail, your early recognition and response to subtle symptom changes, and your recognition and respect for the distinct personality, habits and needs of each individual person sets you apart from other assisted care facilities. And the camaraderie you share in maintaining your high standards is evident.
Susan, Queensbury (Family member)

Your facility is exceptional in that it is both professional and welcoming at the same time. Everyone works wonderfully to help the residents feel safe as well as cared for. We are very fortunate to have a facility like yours in our community. Thank you all for what you do.
Helen, Glens Falls (Family member)

You bring love into all you do … I couldn’t have found a better home.
Florence (Resident)

I have never had a need, request or concern that was not immediately addressed. The staff on all levels goes above and beyond to show respect, love and genuine caring for the senior residents. All I can say is “Bravo!” We made the right choice.
Diane, Queensbury (Family member)