Beechwood Testimonials

“Beechwood was a natural choice for us when we decided to move here six years ago.  Since coming to Troy over 50 years ago, we’ve lived nearby, and we wanted to stay in this area.   Having friends already here certainly was another factor contributing to our decision.  We made our move at an earlier age than many, but with no children and with our few family members all in Canada, having a “support system” was most important to us, as was the continuum of care offered on our campus.  We certainly have found our “support system” – and friendship – at Beechwood.   We say that the “Beechwood family” and the Beechwood staff are simply the best.  Hopefully our early move will mean that we’ll have a number of years to enjoy all that Beechwood has to offer.” –  Carol and Ron Bailey


“I choose to live at Beechwood because I love the friendly atmosphere of the smaller community.  Another important feature is the upbeat, cheerful attitude of the staff.  They make life pleasant and this fosters the many friendships that develop here.”  –  Betsy Dahl

“The Beechwood facilities, staff and residents are first class.  Each one is looking out to fulfill the needs, and sometimes even the wants and desires of each, to the benefit of all. Fully organized to provide a gracious and concerned lifestyle, it more than meets the expectations of all concerned, in a close and friendly setting. Friends are aplenty with activities to fit your abilities limited only by your imagination.” –  Jack and Rue McGraw

“Important considerations in moving to Beechwood with my wife were essentially a soundproof and fireproof building, near medical care.” –  Sherwood Davies

“My wife Janice and I felt very content that we have found Beechwood. The entire staff is very responsive to any problems that arise and are to be applauded for their efforts. The new “exercise room” is conducive to keeping us in shape and we are glad for the interesting trips that are offered to us.”  – Bill and Jan McCarty

“My grandfather’s sister lived at the Eddy, then my father, and now it is my turn. I felt at home when I first entered the Beechwood lobby.  Ten years later, I am still delighted to be here.” –  Edna Wells