Is It Time For Your Senior Parent To Move To Assisted Senior Living?

If you’re traveling to visit a senior parent for the holidays this year, you may come to a surprising realization. In fact, many adult children of aging seniors often find that when they go to mom or dad’s home for the holidays, they notice signs that may indicate their parents are no longer doing so well on their own. Some of the signs can include everything from noticing that the house is in disarray, to discovering rotten, moldy fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator with little else, or noticing that the garbage is piled up in the corner. Once noticing these signs, it may become clearer to you that your senior parent might need a living situation where they can get the assistance they need to continue living a happy and healthy life.

Although it may be very clear to you that your senior parent is no longer doing well on their own, it may not be so clear to your parents. In fact, they might not have even considered moving to assisted living or enriched housing.

Start The Conversation

At The Eddy Senior Living, we’ve put together a checklist that you can use as a tool to help start the discussion with your senior parents about enriched housing/assisted living. This checklist can help you to make a compelling case for assisted living, as it chronicles the routine assistance needs that an aging senior parent might have. By completing this checklist, you and your parent will be able to objectively consider whether your senior parent should continue living alone. Additionally, it will help you to determine the important discussions that need to be had and the next steps as to what needs to happen.

Measuring Assistance Needs for Seniors

If you are searching for assisted living options for your senior parents, consider The Eddy’s enriched housing/assisted living at our beautiful Terrace communities. With five locations throughout Upstate New York’s Capital Region and beyond, enriched housing/assisted living at The Eddy offers all the comforts and lifestyle amenities of an independent senior living community with caring, daily assistance tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Learn more about our enriched housing/assisted living communities:

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