Signs Your Loved One May Be Ready for Assisted Living

Safety and security are important at every age, but imagine how much more confident seniors and their families will feel having the assurance of care services from the area’s top providers!

Here are seven signs they may be ready:

Ready for assisted living?

1. Have there been any Red Flags? Has your loved one had a fall, gotten in a fender bender, confused medications or had a medical scare? The Terrace provides personal care services and medication management to help seniors maintain independence and confidence in a safe secure environment.

2. Is the house in disarray? If mail is piling up, trash is not being removed, the house is not as clean as it used to be or laundry and linens aren’t getting clean, maintaining the house is probably becoming more than your loved one can manage. The Terrace provides a clean, healthy personal environment for your loved one. The Terrace staff provide weekly housekeeping , laundry & linen services, and daily bed making & apartment tidying.

3. Noticeable Weight Loss, Body Odor or Change in Looks? These are signs that your loved one is having a problem managing activities of daily living. The Terrace provides 3 nutritious and filling meals daily. We will help manage activities of daily living such as helping with bathing, laying out clothes, dressing and medication managed as their physician recommends.

4. Complaints of Loneliness, Depression or Social Withdrawal? Losing a spouse or close friend, or having limited social opportunities due to lack of mobility or transportation, may leave your loved one lonely and depressed. The Terrace provides a social support system to help engage your loved one and keep them socially active and healthy.

5. Signs of Fire, Trouble with Appliances or Entrances left open? Safety and security issues are common reasons to research an alternative living arrangement. The thought of a major accident can be terrifying. The Terrace helps take away the worry by providing 24 hour care in a safe secure environment. Help is always on hand should it be needed.

6. Wrestling with Finances. Watch for bills piling up, overdrawn bank accounts, final notices or calls from creditors, evidence they may have fallen victim to a scam, or bills that have been paid multiple times.

7. Overall cognitive decline. For example, lack of sound judgement, difficulty following directions, increased confusion, or requiring lots of prompts and reminders.

If there is a concern with any of the above, then it is time to have a talk with your loved one. If you would like to see if one of our communities is the right solution, call (518)280-8385 to plan a time to visit and talk with our Senior Living Specialist.  Don’t be someone who says, “I wish Mom had moved here sooner.”