EmpowerU Expanded to Entire Eddy Senior Living Division

Logo for Empower University and red U with empower written over it and under empower it says "It's you. Living at your best."

The Eddy Senior Living Division is pleased to announce the expansion of our EmpowerU wellness program to Beverwyck, The Glen at Hiland Meadows and Beechwood Communities.  This expansion is due to the success of the program at Glen Eddy and Eddy Hawthorne Ridge over the last year.

Resident Forums- February
The kickoff of the Wellness Program starts with Resident Forums. These are informational meetings that the Wellness Coordinator will lead for the residents. The goal of these meetings is to increase the resident’s understanding as well as to motivate them to participate in the wellness program. Meetings will be held 3-4 different times over the course of a few days. After the meetings are over, the residents will sign up for the program starting off with participating in the assessments.

Take Action Day – Assessments & Surveys – February
Resident’s that sign up for assessments will choose from a few time slots. During their allotted time, they will complete assessments addressing their function level, nutrition awareness and confidence. Wellness staff, in addition to other community staff, will assist in conducting the assessments. The fitness (function) results will be entered into the software. The written tests (nutrition, and confidence) will be entered into the appropriate excel document.

Personal Counseling Sessions – March
The Wellness Coordinator will schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with residents to review the results of their assessment and discuss programs that will be a benefit to them.

Sample Programs – March
Sample programs are conducted to allow residents the opportunity to watch and /or participate in sample fitness classes. In addition to a sample program, the Director of Dining Services will set up a tasting table to encourage engagement with nutrition.

Fitness Program- April
Residents are assigned to a 12-week fitness class based on their current level of function, as determined by their results from the Fullerton Functional Fitness Test. Fitness classes vary in content and are designed to meet the special needs of older adults for of a variety of function levels. There is a one week break between each 12-week class curriculum. This provides an opportunity for new residents to enroll and for existing participants to change class levels. A variety of fitness programs may be offered in addition to basic classes, including water aerobics, tai chi and yoga.

Celebration Week- June
Celebration Week occurs after each 12-week fitness curriculum is completed. The residents celebrate their progress and share testimonials and outcomes with other residents. This break between programs lets participants change class levels and allows for new residents to sign up for classes.

Post Assessments- June
All residents participated in the 12-weeks fitness classes will receive post assessments after completion. Wellness staff, in addition to other community staff, will assist in conducting the assessments. The fitness (function) results will be entered into the software. Individual reports will be printed and given to residents, and results will be discussed with residents.

Culinary- Ongoing
Our trained chefs will also provide hands-on cooking demonstrations and opportunities for residents to taste a variety of foods that promote health and vitality.

Nutrition -Monthly
Nutrition and Wellness Connection classes are offered as a 12 month curriculum. The classes, which are instructed by a Registered Dietitian or Registered Diet Tech, combine nutrition education and fun, and engaging activities that cover a variety of trendy nutrition topics. Residents will learn how to customize their eating habits to optimize nutrition based on requirements that are specific to older adults.

This is what some of our residents are already saying about the expansion of EmpowerU:


”I’m really excited about this program, it brings in all the components of wellness” (paraphrase)

Mrs. C: Spoke on how much she was trying to talk all of her neighbors into the program because she can already see the benefits of it.

Mrs. G: Stated how much she is looking forward to it because she feels some of the residents are afraid of falling and only use the walkers as a mental help. She is excited that these residents can be empowered to not use their walkers.

The Glen at Hiland Meadows
As I was walking one of the hallways at The Glen at Hiland Meadows, I met M; and offered to carry her grocery bags to her room. She invited me in and we began talking. She asked my position and I told her. She was very skeptical of the EmpowerU program. After telling her about the success of residents from the Hawthorne community, as well as addressing some misunderstandings about the program; M became excited about the prospect of improving her balance and strength. She uses a cane to walk and has had a surgery. She use to be quite active, taking aquatic and other fitness classes. She is very excited that EmpowerU is being offered to assist her to remain independent and live at her best.

A lot of excitement was created at the forums at Beechwood. As residents signed up for Take Action Day, quite a few expressed excitement about possibly walking without their walkers and canes. One of the residents, who is an amputee and has minimal upper body strength, is looking to improve his upper body strength. He told me that he had become so weak, that he finds it challenging to open a bottle top. He is excited for the EmpowerU wellness to help him live at his best.