5 Safety Concerns for Seniors Living Alone

As Seniors age, safety concerns increase. A Senior Living Community addresses the safety risks older adults encounter when living independently.

Top Safety Concerns for Seniors

There is a common misconception that moving into a senior living community means losing your independence. Many aging seniors – or family members- may think that remaining in their house alone will allow for staying independent, while in fact, it might directly impact their safety.

Choosing a Senior Living Community, such as Eddy Senior Living, could be the right choice for you or your loved one(s) when safety concerns increase with aging. Here are the 4 Top Safety Concerns for Seniors who stay in their houses alone:

Falls are a Top Safety Concern for Seniors

senior woman on carpetSeniors have aging skin and decreased bone density, making recoveries from injuries more difficult, and costly. According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injuries, both fatal and non-fatal, for adults over age 65.

When Adults live in a Senior Living Community, the community removes trip hazards, like cords, low furniture, and installs non-slip flooring in common areas, along with grip bars in the bathroom, by the toilet and inside the shower, and pull cords throughout the apartments.

Thresholds create fall risks in houses. At Eddy Senior Living, there are no unexpected steps when you cross from one room to another. Apartments are maintained with regular care to ensure that there is no uneven flooring to cause tripping.


Fire is a danger in any home or building, but seniors often need extra oxygen which increases the risk to them if they were exposed to a fire. At Eddy Senior Living, smoke detectors are properly installed and overseen to ensure batteries are always fresh and working.

Appliances are repaired and maintained by staff and checked for frayed cords or other issues that produce fire hazards. Our sprinkler system also immediately activates when smoke is detected.

Poisoning is a Safety Concern for Seniors

When Seniors use multiple types of medicine on a regular basis, accidental poisoning is a risk. At the Terrace Communities of Eddy Senior Living, our staff ensures medicine bottles are labeled clearly and stored in their original containers. They help residents establish a routine of taking medicine in a well-lit room and offer medication management for proper medicine usage.

Carbon Monoxide detectors are installed throughout the community and checked regularly by maintenance staff, and all community cleaning is done by staff housekeeping, thus avoiding potential poisoning from chemical products.

Crime and Scams

senior woman holding credit card

Seniors living alone can be victims of burglaries and other forms of theft. But choosing to live in a Senior Living Community removes this risk. Eddy Senior Living has Security Staff on duty 24-hours a day. They conduct daily checks to make sure residents receive any help they need. Additionally, each apartment and residence are equipped with safety features for added protection and peace of mind.

Seniors also are targeted by phone and internet scams. Living in a Senior Community reduces the chance of your loved one being scammed due to loneliness or isolation. Residents interact daily with other residents, staff, and Wellness and Activity Coordinators who maintain notice and intervene in any potentially harmful situations.

Aging Safely and Independently

With the support of family and friends, some seniors can continue to live safely on their own. When accommodating seniors’ changing needs in their original house presents too many safety risks, consider either an Independent Living or Assisted/Enriched Community.

At Eddy Senior Living’s Independent Living Communities, seniors enjoy the comforts of home, without facing daily house-maintenance and safety concerns. Surrounded by a community of support, they benefit from autonomy and independence.

Choosing to move to an Independent Living or Assisted/Enriched Community may feel daunting at first. However, you and your loved ones will gain the rich gift of knowing their days are not spent navigating safety risks, instead they will be spent enjoying friends and activities in a peaceful, secure setting.

When you or a loved one move into one of our Independent Living or Assisted/Enriched communities, you can rest assured knowing all their care needs are covered. Contact us today or call (518) 280-8385 to learn more or to schedule your virtual visit.