Benefits of a Pet Friendly Senior Living Community

For seniors it is important for their mental and physical health to stay active and interact with others. Often times as people age their circle of friends and loved ones diminishes, they can begin to feel isolated and lonely. Caring for a pet has been shown to give a sense of purpose and help stimulate physical activity in seniors.  For this reason, along with many others, Eddy Senior Living Communities are proudly pet friendly.

Senior with a black catOwning a Pet Encourages Social Interaction

As mentioned above as people age they can begin to feel isolated and have trouble interacting with their peers. This can be detrimental to cognitive function and overall health. According to a study by Denise Humphries entitled “Benefits of Owning Pets” 58% of pet owners said they got to know people and made friends through having pets, while 65% say that having a pet around when people visit creates a friendly atmosphere making it easier to get into conversation. Residents that own a dog or a cat frequently meet other pet owners and establish new, meaningful relationships. Eddy Senior Living Communities also offer pet therapy programs to encourage social interaction among residents who are not comfortable taking on the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Pets Shown to Improve Health in Elderly People

At Eddy Senior living, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our residents. Sometimes this means we need a helping paw. Studies have proven that pets can be more than a great companion. Pets provide a comfort system that actually produces a chemical chain reaction in the brain to help lower levels of cortisol, a stress inducing hormone, and increase level of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Over the years several studies have shown pets to offer the following health benefits:

•    Reduces stress
•    Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol
•    Reduces risk of heart attack
•    Reduces depression & loneliness
•    Increased physical activity
•    Less visits to the doctor

Retire with Your Pet at Eddy Senior Living Communities

When it is time to downsize, bring your pet with you and enjoy all the benefits of maintenance free independent living at Eddy Senior Living. With 5 communities throughout the Albany and Saratoga areas, we offer apartment or cottage living that will make you and your pet feel right at home.