Beverwyck’s Employee Scholarship Program

The residents of Beverwyck realize the importance of higher education and the significant difference it makes in people’s lives and the community in which they live.  Through the thoughtful generosity of Beverwyck residents, an Employee Scholarship Fund was created with hopes that deserving employees, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, could be helped to further their education and fulfill their dreams.

Since its inception in 2005, over 40 employees have benefited from the generosity of the residents of the community.  Funds for this program are grown from a yearly resident campaign and other remembrance and general donations.

Applicants must have been employed at Beverwyck for a minimum of 12 consecutive months, have worked an average of twelve hours per week, be in good employment standing, present evidence of acceptance to an accredited college program, and have maintained a “B” average through the last two years of school attending.  In addition, the applicant is required to write an essay on how the scholarship would help them and why they feel they are deserving of this award.  Finalists are interviewed by the Scholarship Committee, comprised of current Beverwyck residents.

In 2014 alone, over $ 47,000 has been awarded to students.   In most cases, award amounts total $1,250.00 per year for four years.  The committee members follow-up with students and write articles in the community’s monthly Bulletin so that donors can share in the success of the award winners’ endeavors.  As Amanda Bolognino, a student at Oneonta State, writes, “The Scholarship I received from the Beverwyck was a valuable and appreciated contribution towards my tuition, and it reminds me that I have so many people supporting me.  This motivation allows me to continue to work hard towards my goals each and every day”.   Beverwyck is truly a community where support is a two-way street.

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