HD Digital Cable Boxes to be Provided to all Eddy Senior Living Residents Free of Charge

In the last year, you may have noticed that you can’t get certain channels such as C-SPAN or the Golf Channel if you do not have a digital cable box.

That’s because Time Warner Cable has started eliminating some analog channels that use to be included in the basic cable service that residents receive in our communities.

If you do not have the equipment to watch digital TV, then you won’t be able to receive those channels any more.

Time Warner Cable is doing this market by market on its way to discontinuing all analog service by 2016.

Time Warner says analog channels use up to 14 times more bandwidth than digital channels.  And they say that the freed-up space is going to allow it to “improve their network capabilities,” and increase video-on-demand content and high-definition channels.

Therefore, the Eddy Senior Living Communities have made a decision proactively to provide a digital HD box to every apartment/cottage at no charge to the resident.  This will allow residents to resume viewing all channels that were previously provided.  The box will actually allow a resident to receive more channels than ever before.   We are expecting the installation to occur over the next couple months.

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