Why You Should Move into Senior Living Before You “Need” It


When people think of senior living, they tend to count themselves out even if they fit the criteria of a typical resident. For many, it feels like admitting defeat in the game of aging, when it’s actually the opposite! Moving into a community means you’re in a supportive environment where you can prolong your independence and age gracefully. There are many reasons you should consider moving into a senior living community before you may need to. Here are just a few:

The Choice is Yours!

Many seniors struggle with the uncertainty of aging and the loss of security that comes with declining mental and physical capacity. One thing you can do to empower yourself and maintain independence is to make the decision yours! Choosing to move into a community before you require more assistance means you exercised your autonomy and made the move without outside pressures. 

Take Advantage of Our Wellness Programs Now

By now, it’s no secret that moving your body and using your mind regularly can help prolong your physical and mental capacity, and in return, help you maintain independence. Eddy Senior Living communities take a multi-dimensional approach to wellness that encompasses activities which benefit your physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being.  This program, WellnessU, can help you maintain your current physical and mental abilities for longer and stay independent! 

Enjoy Accessible Activities Sooner

Socialization is important in staving off the isolation that many seniors struggle with as they age. All Eddy Senior Living communities offer accessible activities to ensure socialization with people you have things in common with. Think about it like having a summer camp counselor always prepared to offer you and your friends fun activities! 

Simplify Your Chores

If you’re a senior living at home right now, you’re no stranger to the day-to-day upkeep. Between cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, paying bills, and more, you’re spending more time than you realize on maintenance. We can take the chores off your plate by offering an array of amenities! Our housekeeping and nutrition teams are ready to help you live a life that feels more luxurious. We take care of sorting through bills and other boring things, so you can enjoy your golden years doing what you want to do, not what you need to do! 

Make the Transition Smooth

Planning ahead and moving into a senior living community early means your move can go smoothly and you reduce the likelihood of any hitches. Additionally, transitioning to a community while you’re still mobile and energetic means you’ll have more motivation to make and maintain connections with other community members. Anything you face down the line, such as the need for physical accommodations to make your life easier, can easily be handled by the experts who deal with this every day.

It’s easy to view moving to a community for aging adults as surrendering your independence, but in fact, it’s the opposite! Independent living communities are there for just that… independence! Eddy Senior Living Communities prioritize your health and abilities above all else, meaning that we want you to keep living your active lifestyle for as long as possible, and we have the tools to do so. Schedule a tour or talk to a representative today about making the move!