February is Heart Health Month

senior woman checking her pulse

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of our heart health, and senior living communities can play an important role in helping older adults maintain their cardiovascular function. At Eddy Senior Living, we offer an array of activities and amenities that can help seniors stay healthy and improve heart function.

  • Exercise classes- The most obvious way to keep on top of your heart health is by staying active. Each of our communities has its own wellness programs that are catered to its specific members. From on-site gyms, aquatic facilities, fitness classes, and more, ESL community members have access to a ton of fun ways to keep their bodies moving and their hearts pumping.
  • Social activities- Social isolation can be a risk factor for heart disease, so it’s important for seniors to maintain strong social connections. All ESL communities offer social events and activities to ensure our residents are getting their daily dose of connection. Schedules are regularly rotating so events are seasonally appropriate and remain exciting for our community. Just this fall, residents took a field trip to Hanford Mills Museum where they got to have a social outing while learning some local history.
  • Healthy food options- Diet has a large impact on heart health. Lucky for our residents, we have amenities that allow them to access healthy food options no matter their preferences! All residents can enjoy our dining room, where chef-prepared meals are always healthy, low in sodium and saturated fats, and most importantly… delicious! For the more independent resident who enjoys cooking at home, many of our communities offer access to healthy groceries. For example, Glen Eddy in Niskayuna has its own community farmer’s market in the warm months, where residents can get their produce from local farmers!
  • Reduce stress with on-site amenities- Chronic stress can play a huge part in developing heart disease. At Eddy communities, our mission is to make daily life stress and maintenance-free for our residents. We offer an array of amenities like cleaning services, transportation on demand, full-service beauty salons, and more. We take the hassle out of our community members’ day-to-day lives, so they can focus on their health and independence!

Overall, Eddy Senior Living Communities plays an important role in supporting heart health among our community members. By offering healthy meals, exercise programs, social opportunities, stress-reducing activities, and a safe environment, we can help residents maintain good heart health all year long! Schedule a tour or talk to a representative today to see how we can keep you or your loved one independent and in good health.