Life at The Glen at Hiland Meadows Senior Living Community in Queensbury NY

Choosing the right senior living community requires careful research and planning. You’ll want to consider the campus and its location, the size and layout of the apartments, the staff, the availability of services and amenities, and the food and dining options. You’ll also want to understand what it’s truly like to live in the community.

If you’re contemplating a move to The Glen at Hiland Meadows, and you’re wondering what daily life is really like, read on to hear from residents who have made our Queensbury senior living community their home.

You’re Never Alone Among Friends

Senior exercising with weights Marigrace was living 30 miles north of Queensbury on Loon Lake when her husband passed away in 2013. While she loved it there, it just wasn’t the same without him. “I was lonely,” recalls Marigrace. “I had friends that lived at The Glen at Hiland Meadows, so I decided to put my name on the waitlist for a senior apartment.”

A year later, Marigrace moved in and she never looked back. Not only does she enjoy the companionship that the independent senior living community affords, but she loves all the opportunities that are available. “I go to the Symphony, SPAC, The Wood Theatre, all of the things I couldn’t do while I was living alone at the lake,” explains Marigrace.

“I can do things as a single woman because, in this community, you are never alone,” she adds. “I’ve made many great friends and I always look forward to spending time with them.”

Another unexpected perk of independent senior living for Marigrace has been the dining services. “I’m thrilled with the fact that I don’t have to cook,” she admits. “One of the best things about dining services is that you have such a wide variety of menu choices, and the special Chef’s Table events are my favorite.”

She also takes advantage of the EmpowerU Wellness Programs. “It covers so many areas of wellness, and since I am an exercise nut, all the choices are perfect for me.”

Marigrace takes the Fitness Powered by Dance and Strength Circuit classes every week, and she is a member of the Needlework Group, which makes teddy bear sweaters for Bridging People & Places and The Double H Ranch organization. “I’ve gotten to know wonderful people through the group, and I love that I’m involved in charitable work that benefits children.”

“My life at The Glen at Hiland Meadows is very busy and interesting,” she adds.

Even still, the best thing about The Glen at Hiland Meadows, for Marigrace, is the 24/7 security and the fact that she never has to be alone. “I can go to bed at night and not worry about anything, and know that my family doesn’t have to worry about me either.”

The Perfect Place for a Social Butterfly

Helen doing a puzzleHelen was widowed in 2010, and in the five years prior to moving into The Glen at Hiland Meadows, she spent 6 months of the year in Florida and the other half of the year on Glen Lake, visiting her family. When she decided to make the move to independent senior living community, she interviewed and visited several places with her son and daughter, but The Glen at Hiland Meadows stood out above the rest.

“Not only was it convenient,” explains Helen, who wanted to be close to her 9 children, 24 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, “but it was by far my first choice.”

Now happily settled into life at The Glen at Hiland Meadows, Helen balances her time between activities and programming on site with activities in the greater Queensbury community. She continues to be an active member at the local YMCA, but still uses The Glen’s Fitness Room daily. She also admits she is addicted to the community jigsaw puzzles.

“It’s a good addiction,” Helen adds with a laugh. “People stop, chat, sometimes help, and it’s an easy way to socialize.”

Helen enthusiastically talks about all the people she’s met and the close friendships she formed since her move to The Glen at Hiland Meadows. She adds, “It’s this aspect of the senior living community that is so important to me.”

While she prepares breakfast and lunch in her apartment most days, Helen always comes down to the Dining Room for dinner. “The food is excellent, but it’s 50% about the great food and 50% about the opportunity to socialize,” she explains. She is also quick to compliment the wait staff, who she says is, “well-trained and ALWAYS so obliging and friendly.”

Helen also loves the independence that The Glen at Hiland Meadows affords. “You can do as much as you want or as little as you want – it’s all about the choices that you have at The Glen at Hiland Meadows.”

For the on-site programming, Helen is most fond of her participation in the Needlework Group that meets on Thursday afternoons. With 24 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren she never lacks for “projects” to work on with this great group of women. She also excitedly describes all of the concerts and ballets that she has attended at SPAC, thanks to The Glen’s bus transportation.
“Having given up driving at night, I’m thrilled that I haven’t had to give up attending the events and activities that I love.”

When asked to sum up life at The Glen at Hiland Meadows in one sentence, Helen gave us two. “Life at The Glen at Hiland Meadows is very easy and enjoyable, and it promotes good health. Living here instills the desire to keep moving forward.”

A Supportive Community in the Adirondacks

Marion sitting and ken standing next to herWhen Marion got the idea to leave Lake Placid NY, Ken was less than agreeable. He loved their beautiful yet rural home in the Adirondacks, however, the severity of the winters, a fear of falling on the ice, and increasing health challenges for the two, prompted Marion to begin in online search for a supportive senior living community.

Many of their friends had moved to Tennessee, but Ken, not wanting to leave at all, refused to go any farther south than Glens Falls. “He loves the Adirondacks,” notes Marion.

The couple looked at a number of places, but according to Marion, “The Glen at Hiland Meadows was the clear winner!”

Both Marion and Ken enjoy being active and involved, and appreciate that they can do both year-round at The Glen, even in bad weather. Since moving in, Marion has joined the Ethics Discussion Group and The Glen at Hiland Meadow’s Glee Club. “I also play Mahjong,” adds Marion. “But my favorite thing to do his have lunch and meet new friends.”

Ken prefers to spend his time at The Glen at Hiland Meadows Fitness Center. “It’s just down the hall from our apartment,” offers Ken. “I work out almost daily.” Though he is quick to add that his favorite thing to do is walk The Glen at Hiland Meadow’s expansive grounds, and “enjoy the scenic views of the Adirondack Mountains.”

Despite their differences, there’s a lot the couple can agree on. As Marion points out, “We never turn down an opportunity to attend a Chef’s Table event and the meals are always outstanding.”

And though there are many events and activities to choose from on a regular basis, the couple agrees that the many musical performances at The Glen at Hiland Meadows are always first on their list. Plus, there’s no arguing that the 24/7 security and transportation services have made their lives significantly safer and easier.

“My life is so much more comfortable since moving to The Glen at Hiland Meadows,” Marion says with a smile. “I never think about going anywhere else!”

Ken, on the other hand, still thinks about his home in Lake Placid, but even he admits, “I’m adjusting well. Getting there, one day at a time.”

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