Let Eddy Senior Living Do Your Spring Cleaning

senior couple lying in grassSpring has officially sprung! Days of warm weather are near, but if you’re an independent senior living at home, you may be thinking of all the spring cleaning you must do to maintain your property. Cleaning your gutters, windows, AC filters, and more–there’s so much to do to bring your home out of winter hibernation! 

As you age, you may find it becomes harder to keep up with the maintenance that your home and property require. Even if you are keeping up with the chores, straining yourself to stay on top of these often very physically demanding tasks can be risky. 

At Eddy Senior Living, we do the spring cleaning for you! Our maintenance team excels at keeping our grounds and facilities beautiful. They regularly do the landscaping, cleaning, and other upkeep tasks. 

When you live in an Eddy Senior Living facility, you have the peace of mind that your enjoyment is unencumbered by unruly landscaping or the dangers of wear and tear on a home. For those with health conditions, ensuring upkeep is taken care of is a safety measure. For example, for someone with limited vision, sidewalks that are clear of overgrowth are necessary to make sure they can walk safely. Moreover, there are plenty of conditions that come with aging that make strenuous work like mowing lawns or climbing ladders dangerous. 

However, you don’t have to wait until you’re physically unable to do your work before making the transition to independent living. In fact, there are a ton of benefits to moving to a community while you’re still independent and mobile. Even if you or your loved one are reluctant to make the move, spring is a great time to make a respite visit! This service provides short-term rentals so that caregivers can recharge and seniors can take a test run of community living. 

If you’re considering making a move, put a spring in your step and start planning today! Schedule a tour or talk to our staff about what we offer.